Stoddard-Hamilton's GlaStar

Here are several images of the kit airplane I'm building. It's a GlaStar kit from Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft Inc., of Arlington, WA. I'm currently completing construction of the first wing. There's an immense amount to do, and progress is at times slow, but I'm learning a lot of things as I go and am looking forward to flying my GlaStar.

The Internet has been an indispensable tool in helping select and pursue this project. There's a wealth of information about the GlaStar available both through Stoddard-Hamilton and at the StarGate, a veritable GlaStar information gold mine maintained by one of the first GlaStar builders, Sid Lloyd.

DISCLAIMER: The many pages illustrating the construction of a GlaStar kit included on this site may make for boring browsing unless you're building one yourself. Some GlaStar builders may find these images useful in the course of building their kit. The real documentation and the final word on how to correctly construct a GlaStar kit is, however, only available from Stoddard-Hamilton.

That said, here's a jump list to a number of pages documenting my project.

Getting started on the tail kit
Building the horizontal stabilizer (HS)
Building the elevator
Elevator, continued
Joining the HS, Elevator & Trim Tab
Starting the Left Wing
Wing: Dimpling Parts
Moving Fuselage & Priming Wing Parts
Wing: Flap Bellcrank Assembly
Wing: Other Aft Spar Assemblies
Wing: Leading Edge Riveting
Wing: Back-riveting Hat Section Stiffeners
A blurb on squeezing rivets